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It is the objective of Kwantas Group to promote the growth and the use of sustainable palm oil. The Group believes the need to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices as well as to upkeep the Group’s social responsibility through an effective and responsible Management. In our quest for efficiency and higher standards, Kwantas is making sure that cutting-edge technology is used throughout the manufacturing and production process. The refinery of the Group is currently RSPO Supply Chain certified under one (1) of the model available in the supply chain system – “Mass Balance”, in which certified palm oil is mixed with conventional palm oil but the process is monitored administratively. The key feature to such sustainable palm oil is the increasing transparency and traceability within the system. Further efforts also lead to attaining of the RSPO Principles & Criteria Certification for the Group’s Haranky Strategic Operating Unit. The Group follows through the eight (8) main principles to ensure strict compliance to the RSPO Principles & Criteria. Regular key stakeholders’ engagement meetings were conducted to improve practices in line with the requirement of the eight (8) principles. The Group has in place a time-bound plan for all its strategic operating units to be RSPO certified in times to come.

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